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Elimination: The G.A.M.E. Episode 1


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M13 anxiously goes to bed after his 18th birthday
celebration. Later, like all members of the dystopian
society of Ashen, he magically awakens at the headquarters
of The G.A.M.E., the training arm of the magical government.
Should he manage to survive all 12 weeks at The G.A.M.E., he
will awaken back in his bedroom the morning after his 18th
birthday as though he never left. All memories of the
oppressive ordeal will have been erased, and he will continue
the life The G.A.M.E. programmed into him.

While at The G.A.M.E. M13 befriends M7, and both are fighting
for their lives during each training phase. After witnessing
classmates being sent to their deaths, M13 is convinced by
super-confident M7 that they can do the impossible and topple
The G.A.M.E. Will M13's morality and uncertainty doom their
plan? Can this super-intelligent duo defy the odds, or will
they become victims of The G.A.M.E.?
Serial short story (21,000 words)
Dystopian fantasy thriller

Coming soon!

Intruders: H.E.L.P.M.E.


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Janetta is forced to return to her in-law’s retreat house
where intruders once murdered her three children and then
nearly beat her to death. This nightmarish event left her with
tunnel vision, brain damage, and social unease. She has become
a family outcast and her first reappearance to the crime scene
requires her to reunite with the unwelcoming in-laws due to a
business departure by her husband.

To her great relief, Henrio, the original family outcast to
whom she has bonded over the years, is also present. Also pro-
viding comfort is a mini-fortress built by her husband allowing
her to seclude herself from the others when needed during her stay.

One night, while peering through a hideaway window, she experiences
déjà vu as she sees intruders tying up her husband’s family. Can
Janetta reach Henrio’s cabin before she is captured? Or will trying
to do so be her fatal flaw?
Short story (10k - 15k)

Works in progress

GAME 2 (title TBD)


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M7 and company try to extract information from K42. M13 fights for
his life in an unknown reality.
Serial short story (episode 2)
Dystopian fantasy thriller